Fall into Stress Care 101

“I feel like a ball in a tennis match, getting knocked from one stressful thing on my list to the next and never getting a moment for myself to just breathe!”

— said at some point by all stressed women doing "all the things"

Can you relate? Me too! That’s why I’m PUMPED to deliver my Stress Care 101 workshop October 7-11 in the Fundamentals of Self-Care FB group. Click here to get registered and join the group. Invite others, and for each friend that joins you will be entered to win special prizes that week—from books that inspire me to scholarships for my programs (that’s like $3k level stuff, yo)! Whaaaa? I know! I told you I was pumped!

So, why Stress Care? Well, I talk a lot about “self-care,” so much that it’s part of my motto: “Better self-care for better health.” However, self-care often gives the impression that we must learn to have ZERO stress in our lives. That’s just silly! First of all, some stress is good, like the stress we put on our bones when go for a walk or dance at our niece’s wedding. Other stress, though, is not so good and can lead to all kinds of crazy health issues, many of which we simply have learned to “deal with.” I say a big NO to that kind of stress, and in this workshop beginning October 7, I will share 3 amazing tips for actually shifting from fighting your stress to calling it out like a kid caught with her hand in the cookie jar! “I see you!” I teach you to work with and through your stress rather than fighting and trying to avoid dealing with it or living life thinking “this is just the way it is for me.” There is another way!

Are you in? I can’t wait to see you there. Get started by REGISTERING HERE and then I’ll send you all the details!

Supporting you,


P.S. I primarily work with women doing all the things, so this event and Facebook group are for women only. However, I do have a group coaching program that is for anyone. Interested? Check out the details here: https://shanahartman.com/shop

A Brief Monday Moment to Pause

I don’t know about you, but I feel a lot of pressure to throw myself into Monday. I have energy after a restful weekend, and I can see the potential of the week ahead just waiting to be seized! This often leads me to feeling burned out and my body exhausts by, oh, say, Tuesday night. Can I get an “amen?!”

That’s why when my coach, Laura Wieck, introduced the concept of the “power of the pause,” I knew this would be a great way to begin my Monday: pausing to check in and listen to what direction my body might give. Listen in as I explain. Then, reply to this email to let me know your thoughts or leave a comment on the video. How will you harness the power of the pause?

Supporting you,


Are you living the "should" life?

I’ve lived a long time believing that it’s SO easy to find all that’s wrong with myself. Even that finding my flaws is somehow what I “should” do to...

...build character
...always find ways to improve
...show humility

I call B.S.! No more! I replaced that cycle of thinking months ago with lots of exploration of my values and self-worth through BodyMind coaching. Recently, I had some professional photos taken (Eeeee! 👇🏼😍👊🏼). As the photographer shared the final pictures with me, I felt those old “shoulds” creeping in. I had to pause and catch myself before I traveled down the “this is wrong…” and “that isn’t quite right…” and “I should have worn…” talk I used with myself in the past. This “should” language is really just my fear of what happens when I really step up and into the person I know I can be. So, I’m sharing how now, through BodyMind self-care work, I know I am exactly who I believe I am...

...a strong teacher, business owner, mom, spouse, friend
...versatile and always learning
...a person who will lift herself through her support system (God, family, friends, coach) and bring others up along with her

I ask you to begin exploring any “should” story you are currently telling yourself, and how it may be holding back your ability to live with less stress and more wellness. We may even hold back our what our bodies are capable of because of a “should” belief we are holding on to. Reply to this email and let me know one “should” you’ve been believing about yourself AND then share a new thought that proves that wrong! Then, let’s carry that thought with us as we embark on a new week!

Supporting you,


P.S. If you’re tired of living the “should” life, and want to begin exploring what living in alignment with your body and mind might look like, I’d love for you or share with someone who would like to join my “Fundamentals of Self-Care” Facebook group. This is a space where I provide a TON of content on BodyMind connected living through posts on strategies, practical tip videos, and LIVE workshops where we dig deep into all aspects of self-care. The best news is it’s all complimentary as I believe in spreading the self-care love to as many women as possible.

Do you listen to your body?

What does my body have to say to me? Let me tell you a little story to explain…

I ran a bit the other day during my usual walk. I hadn’t planned to run and I didn’t “need” to run, but something in me just said “let’s give it a try.” I usually run as my cardio, but since my half marathon in March I just hadn’t been feeling it. So, I’ve been trusting my body and just walking. But, today, in trusting and listening to my body, it said “run, let’s see what’s possible.” 

And what a gift! Not my little running moment, though that was pretty cool as well, but trusting my body and listening to that inner voice has been a total game changer in my life. Are you open to what’s possible right now? To listening to that inner voice, those signals from deep in your body that are wonderful guides to your next step?

Here is what Jeanie, one of my amazing clients, shared recently about the idea possibility: 

“All of these one degree shifts are really helpful and are really what I needed to begin to feel whole, complete, and settled back into my skin. I just wanted to say thank you for encouraging me to open up and to remember what it’s like to think about the possibility instead of trying to solve problems as though we go through life as a series of roadblocks...it’s not. It’s just a journey!” 

When you approach your self-care, wellness, and life from small, 1° shifts, nothing is impossible! Life becomes a journey instead of just something that we survive and tolerate. Tapping into what is possible, and learning how to use your body as a guide to what is possible, is exactly what the Fundamentals Group Coaching Program is all about! Come on, let’s go explore what’s possible for YOU!

And I want to celebrate Jeanie, and others who have signed up, for inspiring me and those around them to continue and keep saying yes to possibility!


Time to blow your mind...listen up!

Did you know I've been thinking about you? Yes, YOU! I've got something on my heart that is meant just for YOU right NOW...it's gonna blow your mind, so listen up! 

See, I've been wondering if you've been getting the results you want in life or if settling has become the norm. I get it. Trust me. I settled in many aspects of my life for years. But, I have a challenge for you: imagine "what if"...

...what if right NOW is the exact time for you to begin managing your stress? 

...what if right NOW is the time to address your pain points, like that stiff neck and shoulders you've had for YEARS?! 

...what if right NOW is the moment where you begin to (re)discover wonderful, magical YOU? 

I used to believe that if I just waited for the right time, the right financial circumstance, the right mood, a change would happen...I'd finally figure my stress and pain out. Guess what? That perfect time, those perfect finances, that exact mood never came until I did this one important thing: DECIDE! 

Yes, all you have to do to begin living life the way you want--less stressed, in control of your time, heath, and addressing your pain points--is to DECIDE that no matter what you are going to make YOU happen. 

So, my final challenge is this: will you allow me to support you as you take this one necessary leap and DECIDE to take action on creating the wonderful life you know you are meant to live? 

If your answer is yes, if you are ready to DECIDE to make yourself a priority (FINALLY), then let's get you connected to my Fundamentals Group Coaching program! NOW! I want to be there with you every step of the way!


P.S. If this scares the sh*t out of you, confuses you, or just makes you uncomfortable, know that THIS is exactly how you should feel and exactly what change looks like. I'd love to coach you through this exciting moment. Reply to this email, and we’ll walk through this moment together!

I have a challenge for you...will you accept?

I like a good challenge, but I used to make them small, safe challenges that I thought I could easily tackle. Anyone relate? However, “small” and “safe” are not the words that come to mind when I think about the life I want to live or the dreams I want to achieve!

That’s why I’m beyond excited about my upcoming women’s retreat. It’s called “Step Into Your (Re)Vision,” and it is just the motivation we all need to keep us going through the rest of the year. Yet, most women I know struggle to overcome the “challenge” of stepping away. I get it. I’ve been there. Let me share a little about why saying “yes” to something that feels really big and challenging is just what you need to do to wrap up your summer and launch you forward into an amazing rest of the year…

  • …because you NEVER do things like this for yourself

  • …because you need an “I’M SO EXCITED” moment (exact words one of the participants texted me when she registered for the retreat)

  • …because a moment away gives you new perspective and a chance to breathe in and reconnect with amazing YOU

I’d love to share more about why I’m planning this women’s retreat, why I want you step away for just two days (August 3-4), and why I think it just might be the best decision you make for YOU in 2019. I mean, just look at that beautiful location! Review the retreat info page above, and then reach out by replying to this email so we can talk about all the ways I know this retreat will meet you right where you are and help you get over the end-of-summer slump, recharging you in a way that will sustain you for the rest of 2019!

Supporting and honoring you,


P.S. Spots for this retreat are limited and filling up fast! I actually only have ONE cabin left! If you know you are ready to register OR you know someone you can GIFT this to, click here to get started.


What the Promise of Summer Can Teach Us About the Present

Ahhh, summer! It’s such a promising time of year, right? We get a sense of possibility as kids wrap up the school year, exciting travel plans get made, and the snow cone shops open up again! Images of glorious sunshine, green grass, glimmering pools and more fill my mind. As the days get longer and warmer, I anticipate the summer even more and become almost giddy! Once it arrives, I almost become a different person. Here are things that often happen in the summer for me…see which ones you can relate to…

  • My to-do list gets much shorter (if I have one at all)

  • I say “yes” to things more easily

  • I say “yes” to things more quickly (ex. Want to take day hiking trip today? Yes!!)

As summer is now rolling full steam ahead, I began to ask, “Why can’t I live like I do in the summer right now…no matter what season it is?” Hmmm…let’s explore this more!

What I’m realizing is I used to rely on a “time of year” to dictate my mood, my choices, my schedule. I was focusing on something external and outside of me. When in reality, I can choose to have a shorter to-do list, say “yes” to things from a place of abundance and choice rather than obligation, and more all year round. I can do this right now, whether “right now” is fall, spring, summer, Monday, Sunday…whenever!

And that, my friends, is exciting news! We can decide to live from a place of choice and abundance no matter what season of the year or what season of life it is. It’s all about our mindset and making sure we are filling ourselves (and our calendars) up with things that bring us energy and joy. Now, the chaos will still come, and we will still have “obligations” we may not always love. However, when we live predominantly from this place of full abundance, we are better equipped to navigate those not-so-lovely moments and return more quickly to the amazing, lovely ones.

Supporting and honoring you,


P.S. Hey, beautiful sister in spirit! Want to learn more about how to make choices and live life from a place of abundance? Come join my Fundamentals of Self-Care Facebook group where I provide content like this on a regular basis through videos, posts, and live coaching events. Oh, I do a lot of giveaways there as well!