What the Promise of Summer Can Teach Us About the Present

Ahhh, summer! It’s such a promising time of year, right? We get a sense of possibility as kids wrap up the school year, exciting travel plans get made, and the snow cone shops open up again! Images of glorious sunshine, green grass, glimmering pools and more fill my mind. As the days get longer and warmer, I anticipate the summer even more and become almost giddy! Once it arrives, I almost become a different person. Here are things that often happen in the summer for me…see which ones you can relate to…

  • My to-do list gets much shorter (if I have one at all)

  • I say “yes” to things more easily

  • I say “yes” to things more quickly (ex. Want to take day hiking trip today? Yes!!)

As summer is now rolling full steam ahead, I began to ask, “Why can’t I live like I do in the summer right now…no matter what season it is?” Hmmm…let’s explore this more!

What I’m realizing is I used to rely on a “time of year” to dictate my mood, my choices, my schedule. I was focusing on something external and outside of me. When in reality, I can choose to have a shorter to-do list, say “yes” to things from a place of abundance and choice rather than obligation, and more all year round. I can do this right now, whether “right now” is fall, spring, summer, Monday, Sunday…whenever!

And that, my friends, is exciting news! We can decide to live from a place of choice and abundance no matter what season of the year or what season of life it is. It’s all about our mindset and making sure we are filling ourselves (and our calendars) up with things that bring us energy and joy. Now, the chaos will still come, and we will still have “obligations” we may not always love. However, when we live predominantly from this place of full abundance, we are better equipped to navigate those not-so-lovely moments and return more quickly to the amazing, lovely ones.

Supporting and honoring you,


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