Do you listen to your body?

What does my body have to say to me? Let me tell you a little story to explain…

I ran a bit the other day during my usual walk. I hadn’t planned to run and I didn’t “need” to run, but something in me just said “let’s give it a try.” I usually run as my cardio, but since my half marathon in March I just hadn’t been feeling it. So, I’ve been trusting my body and just walking. But, today, in trusting and listening to my body, it said “run, let’s see what’s possible.” 

And what a gift! Not my little running moment, though that was pretty cool as well, but trusting my body and listening to that inner voice has been a total game changer in my life. Are you open to what’s possible right now? To listening to that inner voice, those signals from deep in your body that are wonderful guides to your next step?

Here is what Jeanie, one of my amazing clients, shared recently about the idea possibility: 

“All of these one degree shifts are really helpful and are really what I needed to begin to feel whole, complete, and settled back into my skin. I just wanted to say thank you for encouraging me to open up and to remember what it’s like to think about the possibility instead of trying to solve problems as though we go through life as a series of’s not. It’s just a journey!” 

When you approach your self-care, wellness, and life from small, 1° shifts, nothing is impossible! Life becomes a journey instead of just something that we survive and tolerate. Tapping into what is possible, and learning how to use your body as a guide to what is possible, is exactly what the Fundamentals Group Coaching Program is all about! Come on, let’s go explore what’s possible for YOU!

And I want to celebrate Jeanie, and others who have signed up, for inspiring me and those around them to continue and keep saying yes to possibility!