Are you living the "should" life?

I’ve lived a long time believing that it’s SO easy to find all that’s wrong with myself. Even that finding my flaws is somehow what I “should” do to... character
...always find ways to improve humility

I call B.S.! No more! I replaced that cycle of thinking months ago with lots of exploration of my values and self-worth through BodyMind coaching. Recently, I had some professional photos taken (Eeeee! 👇🏼😍👊🏼). As the photographer shared the final pictures with me, I felt those old “shoulds” creeping in. I had to pause and catch myself before I traveled down the “this is wrong…” and “that isn’t quite right…” and “I should have worn…” talk I used with myself in the past. This “should” language is really just my fear of what happens when I really step up and into the person I know I can be. So, I’m sharing how now, through BodyMind self-care work, I know I am exactly who I believe I am...

...a strong teacher, business owner, mom, spouse, friend
...versatile and always learning
...a person who will lift herself through her support system (God, family, friends, coach) and bring others up along with her

I ask you to begin exploring any “should” story you are currently telling yourself, and how it may be holding back your ability to live with less stress and more wellness. We may even hold back our what our bodies are capable of because of a “should” belief we are holding on to. Reply to this email and let me know one “should” you’ve been believing about yourself AND then share a new thought that proves that wrong! Then, let’s carry that thought with us as we embark on a new week!

Supporting you,


P.S. If you’re tired of living the “should” life, and want to begin exploring what living in alignment with your body and mind might look like, I’d love for you or share with someone who would like to join my “Fundamentals of Self-Care” Facebook group. This is a space where I provide a TON of content on BodyMind connected living through posts on strategies, practical tip videos, and LIVE workshops where we dig deep into all aspects of self-care. The best news is it’s all complimentary as I believe in spreading the self-care love to as many women as possible.