Fall into Stress Care 101

“I feel like a ball in a tennis match, getting knocked from one stressful thing on my list to the next and never getting a moment for myself to just breathe!”

— said at some point by all stressed women doing "all the things"

Can you relate? Me too! That’s why I’m PUMPED to deliver my Stress Care 101 workshop October 7-11 in the Fundamentals of Self-Care FB group. Click here to get registered and join the group. Invite others, and for each friend that joins you will be entered to win special prizes that week—from books that inspire me to scholarships for my programs (that’s like $3k level stuff, yo)! Whaaaa? I know! I told you I was pumped!

So, why Stress Care? Well, I talk a lot about “self-care,” so much that it’s part of my motto: “Better self-care for better health.” However, self-care often gives the impression that we must learn to have ZERO stress in our lives. That’s just silly! First of all, some stress is good, like the stress we put on our bones when go for a walk or dance at our niece’s wedding. Other stress, though, is not so good and can lead to all kinds of crazy health issues, many of which we simply have learned to “deal with.” I say a big NO to that kind of stress, and in this workshop beginning October 7, I will share 3 amazing tips for actually shifting from fighting your stress to calling it out like a kid caught with her hand in the cookie jar! “I see you!” I teach you to work with and through your stress rather than fighting and trying to avoid dealing with it or living life thinking “this is just the way it is for me.” There is another way!

Are you in? I can’t wait to see you there. Get started by REGISTERING HERE and then I’ll send you all the details!

Supporting you,


P.S. I primarily work with women doing all the things, so this event and Facebook group are for women only. However, I do have a group coaching program that is for anyone. Interested? Check out the details here: https://shanahartman.com/shop