Tired? Stressed? Stuck? Tight shoulders, neck, back...everything?!

I'm glad you are here!

I aim to help you bring balance to your mind and body so that you can fill your self-care cup and bring more abundance to your daily life. From your initial consult before your 90 minute BodyMind massage to your discovery session before beginning your BodyMind coaching program, I give you permission to seek the stress management you desire and deserve in life.

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BodyMind Coaching

Customized and focused self-care programs with targeted support from Shana to meet your needs in your busy life. Whether your just seeking a “place to start” or you’re ready for TOTAL transformation, you know there is a better and healthier way to live. I provide support and focus for you to develop stronger and aligned self-care practices that honor your values, helps you meet your goals, and gives you permission to live life to the fullest! Depending on client’s needs, this program may include:

  • Discovery/Consultation session meeting (free)

  • Weekly habits practices, goals, and resources delivered via your special access link to online content (this is where the learning happens)

  • 1:1 targeted coaching conversations to keep you motivated, celebrate your victories, and help you through struggles (virtually or in person)

  • Stress management kit and other special goodies

  • Digital communication support and accountability throughout

  • And more…

  • Investment ranges from $397-$9,997



BodyMind Massage

90 Minute Single Session - $97

6 Session Program w/ support - $997

I’m not your typical massage therapist! You know when you get so stressed that you yell “I need a massage!” and then you fall on the table hoping to “be fixed?” Well, I actually help you end the viscous stress cycle by bringing awareness to how stress is impacting your body. See, a BodyMind massage session allows you to tap into your best resource for managing stress and healing pain points: your body. Taking it a step further, investing in a BodyMind massage program allows you to get at the longterm root of your stress and pain points by integrating an easy coaching conversations, massage and bodywork, and support and accountability from me between sessions. With BodyMind massage work, clients see quicker, life-changing results through less sessions.