Tired? Stressed? Tight shoulders, neck, back...everything?!

I'm glad you are here!

I aim to help you bring balance to your mind and body so that you can bring more balance to your daily life. From your initial consult before your 60 minute massage to your discovery session before beginning your self-care coaching program, I give you permission to seek the balance you desire and deserve in life.

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Self-Care Coaching

Customized and focused self-care programs with targeted support from Shana to meet your needs in your busy life. Whether your just seeking a “place to start” or you’re ready for TOTAL transformation, you know there is a better and healthier way to live. I provide support and focus for you to develop stronger and aligned self-care practices that honor your values, helps you meet your goals, and gives you permission to live life to the fullest! Depending on client’s needs, this program may include:

  • Discovery/Consultation session meeting (free)

  • Weekly habits practices, goals, and resources delivered via your special access link to online content (this is where the learning happens)

  • 1:1 targeted coaching conversations to keep you motivated, celebrate your victories, and help you through struggles (virtually or in person)

  • Stress management kit and other special goodies

  • Digital communication support and accountability throughout

  • And more…




Full-Body Massages
60 Minute - $60
90 Minute - $75

Say "yes" to giving yourself 60 to 90 minutes of time to relax and restore from the daily grind of life. I take time to get to know you and your needs, customizing each massage to meet those needs through a mixture of Swedish and Deep Tissue massage techniques, stretching, and breathing.
My goal is to provide affordable and effective massage. 




Massage + Self-Care Coaching
Prices Vary Based on Plan Selected.

VIP Program and Signature Programs for those that want to make transformative change in their self-care practice:
Committed Mind and Body Work for self-care with targeted support from Shana. These programs include combinations of the following: 

  • Discovery/Consultation session meeting (free)

  • Bodywork sessions/month, including at least 1 “Total Wellness” therapy session (2 hr session that combines aromatherapy, reflexology, massage, stretching, and more) 

  • Weekly habits practices, goals, and resources delivered via your special access link to online content (this is where the transformation happens)

  • Coaching/support calls throughout 

  • Stress management kit

  • Digital communication support throughout

    These programs are for those wanting the healing of a massage session to go beyond the table and integrate into their life. Better self-care leads to better health! My goal is to provide targeted attention to areas of your mind and body to heighten awareness, allowing you to become a self-healer.