“I feel like a ball in a tennis match, getting knocked from one stressful thing on my list to the next and never getting a moment for myself to just breathe!”
— said at some point by all stressed women doing "all the things"

Can you relate?

Join me for

“Stress Care 101”

a Facebook Live workshop

October 7-11, 2019

Did that quote sound familiar? Yea, it does to me too! Don’t worry! I’ve got just the thing to help you end the tennis match tug of war and begin living in alignment with what matters most. The best part: you’re invited to sit alongside me as we explore what’s possible in managing stress! I’ll teach 3 mindset shifts, and some truths about stress, that will allow you to begin using your body to focus on what’s possible rather than focus on what’s left on your to-do list.


WHEN: October 7-11, 2019

WHERE: Sessions will be live on Facebook in my “Fundamentals of Self-Care” group. Click the button below to join the group. Be sure to include your email when you join so you get all the materials for the workshop! Can’t wait to see you there!

WHY: Because you are DONE letting mental, emotional, and physical stress rule your life! Your are READY to discover a new way of navigating.

WHO: Shana Hartman, PhD, LMBT, is a trained BodyMind coach who uses easy conversations, bodywork, and practical tools to shift people’s perspectives and response to stress. She specializes in helping women see that by honoring and embodying who they are, they get to fill their energy cups. As a result, their bodies and their loved ones get to receive so much more from them!


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