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Living in alignment means looking at how all aspects of how our lives are or are not in line with our heart’s desire. Self-Care then is about working to develop and maintain that alignment in those areas. Some aspects we can examine include mental, physical, spiritual, financial, career, social, and intellectual wellness. If we are struggling in any of these areas, it’s not because we are “doing it wrong,” but rather that we have gotten out of alignment from what we value and desire most in these areas. In this week’s video, I’m talking about physical wellness in a very simply way. The bottom line: physical wellness and self-care don’t have to be elaborate or take a lot of time. Here are some things to remember:

  • The more small self-care practices become a part of our everyday, then everyday we are guaranteed to take some level of care for ourselves. How cool is that?!

  • Make these small practices special! Look at a nice picture or look out the window and really experience things like your morning water rather than just chug it down.

  • Honor the time you are taking for yourself by saying a thankful prayer or personal mantra for this practice/choice you are making in your water, nutrition, and/or movement. Bless the moment as a gift to yourself, a little internal “high-five.”