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How do we prepare for a party or gathering? Plan, set others up for enjoyment, prepare food, and enjoy each other’s company! This week, I ask you to think through how we prepare for and “work” a party in order to look at how we might do similar preparation and work for ourselves…be our own best host!

  • Highlights to focus on this week—prepare, greet, and check in—with ourselves so we can be our own best host!

    • Prepare: What can you do to set yourself up for success? Prepare your favorite nutritious meal for yourself for lunch! Or for you and your family for dinner. How often do you get to be excited for your lunch meal you’ve prepared just for you?

    • Greet: look at yourself in the mirror and properly greet yourself, not cut yourself down, HUG YOURSELF...it feels good!

    • Check in: end your day with a quick reflect—3 things you’re grateful for, 1 accomplishment, 1 thing to let go of

Be your best host and see how wonderful, cool and amazing you are! I know I’d want to hang out with you! This mindset shift really honors that you are enough and you are worth tending to!