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WEEK 3.0

Body Scan Practice

This week, you are going to be asked to complete 5 body scan practices to help you notice more about your body. Here are tips to making the most out of this week’s work:

  • The goal is to become better listeners to our bodies. Our body talks to us regularly with various sensations, like our breath quickening during a tense meeting to tingles in shoulders after hours at the computer to full on cramps or sharp pains in a certain body part when we’ve pushed ourselves too far or not used good body mechanics for an activity.

  • The first scan will be full body and will invite you to find a quiet place, light a candle if you like, and have your daybook handy for writing down what you notice. This setting up ritual is a good way to signal to your body that you are taking time for self-care and it will thank you! I encourage you to find a routine that works for you for each scan.

  • Each scan after Day 1 will ask you to hone in on a specific body part.

  • Be sure to record in your daybook what you notice during your scan.

  • Action steps: The scan will illuminate areas of the body that are speaking to you and may need attention. This week, work to pay attention to when these areas speak quietly, loudly, or not at all. The goal is to begin to see a pattern, if there are any, so you can then make decisions and take further action on how to address them.

Body Scan Day 1: Full Body Scan

Body Scan Day 2: Head and Neck

Body Scan Day 3: Shoulders, Chest, & Arms

Body Scan Day 4: Abdomen and Back

Body Scan Day 5: Legs & Feet