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WEEK 4.0

What We Resist Will Persist

This week’s video and exercises will help you begin to identify the things in our body and life that we resist or often choose to ignore. We might tell ourselves, “I’m fine” or “I’ll figure out that pain, stressor, emotion later.” However, what we don’t often realize is that what we resist identifying and then working to address will continue. The issue will persist! Sounds simple, right? The goal is not to solve all of our persisting issues or concerns, but simply to develop a practice of becoming aware of those nagging aches and pains—physical or emotional—and trying out self-care practices to begin addressing them. Watch the video below and begin making note of the things you notice. Remember to have your writing space nearby. There is no judgement in this practice! We are simply trying to build a practice of self-care in this area. Use the following notes to help:

  1. Use your body scan practice from Week 3 and note the physical signals you are getting that you aren’t aware of or aren’t aware are persisting/you are resisting.

  2. Draw an image, like the one in the video, and put an X or circle around areas you feel are places you struggle to address. Bring this image to your next massage session or share with me in our next coaching conversation.