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WEEK 6.0

Honoring the Morning

Now we will use the final week of The Fundamentals program to develop an organized way, with flexibility, to consistently implement the self-practices we have identified so far. I’ll ask you to try developing a morning routine to implement some of these self-care practices, but ultimately you will discover what works best for you. This may be tough whether your current morning routine is to not have much of a routine or if you have developed a solid daily routine. Either way, it’s a good time to pay attention to our patterns and see what’s working or not in order to make room for practices that may better serve us.

This week we will look at how to honor our morning and wake the body for the day. While it may feel indulgent or even unnecessary to take time for yourself in the morning (because who has time for one more thing in the morning!), I ask that you try these strategies for a week and then decide how you might adapt them to fit your needs. Use the video below to help you think through and get started (Note: You may find headphones help with audio)