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WEEK 6.0

Wrists/Hands Work

This week’s video and exercise will help you develop mobility and dexterity in your wrists and hands. Just like your neck awakening, this exercise is good to do in the morning and/or before bed to help bring awareness to this area of the body. Jot down anything you notice as you work through the exercise. Use caution and listen to your body. There should no strong, painful sensations. If you feel any, then stop the movement and contact me! In the video, I work through the movements in a chair, resting my forearm on the arm of the chair in order to isolate the wrist and hand. Repeat the video and movements on the other side after finishing the first OR complete both wrists/hands at the same time for added mind/body activity. Find what works for you! The goal is to make a stronger connection to these specific parts.

*Bonus: Do the upper body body scan from the previous week and then complete this wrist and hand routine for added self-care.