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WEEK 8.0

Exploring Your Comfort Zone and Why Change is Hard

So, you’re working to make changes in your self-care and life. How is that going? Are you having any difficulties? Change is hard for a variety of reasons, but understanding a little bit of the physiological and mental activity going on when you try to make change can help you overcome the challenge. In this week’s video support, I discuss ideas about our comfort zone, the learned patterns of behavior that work to keep us safe, by sharing an excerpt from the book, The Desire Map, by Danielle LaPorte. In this excerpt, the ideas of Todd Herman, sports psychologist, describes the physiological activity happening when we add a new positive or health habit, like exercise or meditation. This physiological change often results in a negative mental response because it pushes on our comfort zone which results in us resisting the change. As you watch the video, write down anything that comes to mind about the changes you are making right now and how you see yourself resisting. Then, use the questions to dig deeper into your comfort zone.

Comfort Zone Resistance

  1. What “new things” are you trying to implement right now? (ex. daily “me” time, going for a walk, replacing water with soda)

  2. How does this new habit go with or against your comfort zone? (ex. used to pleasing others, resting feels easier than exercising, soda is what I’m used to)

  3. What stress/struggle do you feel around this tug between your new habit and your comfort zone? (ex. my mind says I can skip a workout, serve another before myself, have just one soda today because I’m tired, etc., but my body remembers how good it felt when I implemented the new habit)

  4. What words/affirmations do you want to remember (or even write and post in a visible place) to help you name and address the stress/struggle as you build this new habit?

    *Be sure to share any aspect of this work in the FB group and with me!