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Being a part of this group and listening to Shana’s sessions stirs life deep within me and leads me to take steps to healing and wholeness.
— Angie, 1:1 and group coaching client
I don’t know where I would be in my life if I didn’t work with Shana! I am finally finding ME and making decisions aligned with me!
— S.F. 1:1 and group coaching client

Better Self-Care for Better Health.

I am unapologetically bold in my

commitment to changing your life!

Welcome! I believe better self-care leads to better health! As a BodyMind coach, I help clients to develop small and consistent changes to overcome daily stress and create a positive and significant impact on their mind and body. Through my programs, clients will integrate massage, coaching support, or both in order to create alignment with their mind, body, and vision for life, building better self-care and overall wellness.

Working with me and my team is a step towards taking back control of your well-being amidst the inevitable chaos of life!



131 W. Marion St. Shelby, NC 28150!


What are clients saying?

I’ve learned through Shana that by taking care of myself, I am taking control of my destiny.
— Lydia, coaching client with Shana
“Thanks so much for encouraging me with each little step! I am realizing that I don’t stop and acknowledge when I choose a better path... I knew (in this moment) I was tired, and my body agreed and my body cried for rest so I did rest yesterday! What a journey!!! I’m so thankful for you and our time together, as I feel safe and you help me to focus on my needs..”
— A.B., coaching client with Shana
“Guess what? I can move my neck and head fully from side to side!
I haven’t been able to do that in 6 months!”
— K.L., monthly massage client with Shana


I offer massage+BodyMind coaching sessions and programs that get RESULTS quickly. Time on the table taps into your BodyMind connection and reminds you of how important it is to listen to one of our best self-care resources: YOU! BodyMind coaching builds on the massage session to help you tap into that relaxed, aligned feeling in between massage sessions. Schedule a sample session to see how impactful these programs can be!



You are busy, tired, and leaving an important resource on the healthy living table: YOU! My BodyMind coaching services provide clients with 1:1 support, online tools, and practical strategies to help you step up and step into a consistent self-care practice for de-stressed and empowered living. Schedule a complimentary discovery session to get started!

What are clients saying?

Shana is that therapist that dials in to her clients’ needs rather than going through the motions, which I think comes across when you are on the table. She listens to what you need and adjusts accordingly. I’ve had a session that just focused on my neck and upper back to help with headaches. I’ve had a session to recover from a long run and prep for the next training cycle. Each session is tailored to my needs, including some bonus additions through coaching that I didn’t know I needed. I highly recommend her for dealing with the daily stressors of life or for maximizing athletic performance.
— J.H., massage & coaching client with Shana