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You’re going to love it!

I Was “Fine.”

I always knew I wanted to teach English, specifically sharing my passion for writing and sharing your voice. After earning my undergraduate degree in English Education at East Carolina University, my master’s in English at UNC Charlotte, and my PhD in Curriculum and Instruction also at UNC Charlotte, I navigated the waters of higher education at a small private university in rural North Carolina for 14 years. I published a book with colleagues and a few journal articles. I loved my students and watching them grow and learn. On the surface, all was “fine,” but deep down I knew something was missing.

Coaching Saved Me

Ten years into college teaching, I needed a change. Suffering from late postpartum depression with a toddler, and struggling to know who I was anymore, I began looking for jobs in the corporate world. No one hired me. So I plodded on as a teacher, eventually earning tenure and full professor status. Then, two things happened: my spouse enrolled me in massage school and I discovered coaching. After getting licensed, I started a small massage practice in my basement and really enjoyed the quiet time to help others connect with themselves. But, I knew massage would not be able to replace my full-time teaching job. However, when I discovered BodyMind Coaching, a world-class coach training program that uses an embodied method, and hired my first personal coach, I found myself again… as well as the next steps in my journey.

Writing is an act of freedom.

Shana Hartman

Writing Has Always Supported My Journey

I started my coaching business in the fall of 2018, while still teaching English full-time and maintaining a part-time massage practice. I focused on supporting high-achieving women with stress management and finding themselves in the chaos. I loved coaching, and my background as a teacher, along with my BodyMind Method© Coaching Certification, provided me with the tools I needed to support others in reconnecting with themselves and their vision for life. Writing down what they were noticing and using writing to go deeper were big parts of my coaching framework. In fact, my words continuously helped me stay connected to myself and my clients.

Embracing My Superpowers

I taught my last class in May 2021, stepping away from my university position and stepping fully into my coaching business. I loved supporting others in self-care, but I realized that my love for writing along with my love for coaching high-achievers, biz owners, and thought leaders was my way forward. I could literally see how other business owners, particularly those from marginalized communities we don’t normally hear from, had powerful messages to share. Messages that could be amplified by writing and publishing a book. Who knew that the very thing that had always supported me – writing – is now supporting heart-centered folks like you in sharing their core messages from business and life in a powerful book?

Embody your words and see what magic happens next

Embodiment is key

Now, I am on a mission to change the landscape (and book covers) of the business and personal growth publishing world! We are done with pale, male, stale voices being the primary contributors to these spaces and conversations. I help other mission-driven folks get connected to their hearts and souls and write from that place. I help them get embodied, leave behind baggage they may have about their writing skills, and quiet the “shoulds” and false beliefs about what makes “good writing.” Writing takes time, but even more so it takes intention and connection. Embodiment is key to creating this. There are plenty of book coaches and editors out there who have “proven” templates, formulas, and methods to follow.

I Am Different.

I want you to follow your inner wisdom because your words know the way and they are waiting for you! It is a powerful moment when a client realizes their writing prowess and unleashes it in a book that supports others in doing the same.

Claiming my inner writer

As a coach I know the impact of walking alongside a client, working with them to align with possibility, however, writing a book seemed daunting, impossible, something only to

exist in my dreams.

With Shana’s guidance I learned writing is more than putting words to paper, but is an extension to who I am. She taught me how to shift from trying to force the words to fully embodying the message I have to share. With Shana’s coaching I can now claim, I am an author.

Halinka Prevett

BodyMind Coach, Author

Meet The Team

Dr. Kemeshia Swanson,

Copy Editor

Kemeshia is a college professor and homeschool mom who loves spending a relaxing day with family. She also enjoys fitness, baking, candle-making, and curling up with a good book. Kemeshia loves to read and she has published several journal articles and is awaiting the publication of her first book. She shares, “I love editing because I get to talk to the authors without necessarily talking to them, and I play a small part in making sure the product they send out to the world is as beautiful and engaging as possible.”

Dr. Jeanie Reynolds,

Writing Coach

Jeanie loves to be with her people. You can find her playing tennis, four square, gardening or reading books with her kids. A little quirky, sarcasm is Jeanie’s love language. When she looks at her life, she sees all of the moments where writing has changed her life, saved her life, and captured important moments of her life. As she explains, “I often hear ‘You should write a book.’ So, I am.” She helps others heed the same call.

Dr. Cindy Urbanski,

Writing Coach

Cindy is a mom who loves cooking wholesome food, teaching and practicing yoga, reading good books, traveling and being in the woods or near the water with her family. As a writer, she has published 4 books, several articles, and for 25 years has dedicated her career to the teaching of writing. Shifting from academia, she now teaches more yoga and works more fully on Shana’s team. Cindy loves helping people tell their stories. Coaching folks to get the words on the page and out into the world is soul work for her.

Taylor Edwards,


Taylor is a professional manager who believes in the power of words. She supports our administrative processes and our clients’ journeys. She lovingly provides structure and organization around the creative magic that is our Embodied Writing Experiences. A writer, reader, and lifelong learner, Taylor spends her time sponging up new information and spoiling her two purr-fect cats. She is finishing up her M.A. in Integrated Marketing Communications.