I began my practice in December of 2017; however, I have been a reflective, body aware practitioner for over 20 years. Without reflection and a solid self-care practice, I struggle to be aware of what my body is telling me about the daily habits of my life. A natural thinker, I spent years trying to "shove down" feelings and stress in my life only to have it manifest in my body. Through my own training as a massage therapist, self-care and body awareness practices, ongoing research in the ways our mind and body are connected, and investment and support from my own coaches and loved ones, I have learned to stop, breath, and listen to what my body might be telling me about how I'm dealing with the choices I make on a daily basis. I do the same with my clients! Through transformational, customized programs, I help others realize…

  • their tight neck might be telling them that they have been sitting at the computer for far too long and need to take a quick walk around the office building

  • the low back zing they keep getting might be saying they have not taken time to stretch after hauling kids around all day.

  • the tingling in their arms might be telling them that they need to write, talk, rethink their choices to sign up for the next "to-do" that they really don't want to do.

I have discovered that we are our own experts when it comes to our body if we just learn to listen. But, this listening is easier said than done. It takes practice, specific actions, and support. What is your body telling you? As a life-long learner, I'd love to support you in becoming a better listener in order to foster a pattern of better self-care in your life that will lead to de-stressed and empowered living. As my motto says: better self-care for better health. Contact me to get started with a massage+coaching or self-care coaching program today! 

Meet Shana

Shana Hartman, LMBT, Ph.D. 

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